The Literary Works of BD Boyle

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The Dillree Family History

It is with great love for my family that I write this brief family history. I have spent many
hours researching the Dillree family line and have had great hopes that my search would
lead me back to France or at least to French Canada. That discovery will, perhaps, be made
by one of my children or grandchildren.
I have a strong belief in a life hereafter, and I look forward to the day when I meet my
ancestors, and I like to think that I am already fairly well acquainted with them. At that
happy time, they can help me fill in the blanks. Until then, I dedicate this small work to my
family in the great hopes that it will turn their hearts from time to time to those who went
before, who made great sacrifices in opening up the West, and who have helped preserve
our God-given freedom and given us our liberty and way of life.

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