The Literary Works of BD Boyle

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My name is Barbara Boyle and I am a baby boomer. Enough said about my age. Baby boomers have done a lot of amazing things, like going off to war, inventing incredible computer systems, and leading from the Oval Office. But, my greatest achievement is quite different: I brought eight children into the world  as I followed my  husband around the world in the U.S. Air Force. For twenty years, we lived anywhere from the shores of beautiful Okinawa to  the medieval castles of Landstuhl, Germany. Did we overpopulate the world? Perhaps, but those eight wonderful children are making their own marks in the world--Five have graduate degrees, two have masters, one is a financial adviser,another keeps law and order in a sheriff's patrol car  (and put his life on the line during his year in Iraq), and four daughters stay at home, raising the next generation of responsible adults.

Over the years,I dabbled in creative writing and did it mostly for fun. In 2003, I compiled forty years of family history research into "The Dillree Family History", the cover of which is posted under the "More" tab above. I am proud of my high school diploma (Borah High School, Boise, Idaho) but I devoted myself to my family instead of higher education. My education came raising my children and being an avid reader. I treasure the memories of reading Harry Potter with my young girls around the fire at night as well as the challenge of more difficult works like "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich." I like to challenge myself with new adventures the most current of which is the marketing of my book, "Timesnatched." It's never too late. After all, Colonel Sanders didn't market his Kentucky Fried Chicken idea until he was 65!

You can reach me at [email protected]