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                                                                                        Annabelle is reading.

                                                                                     Jack is helping out the sheriff.

                                                                                                         Nicolas is playing in the backyard.


                                                                            Ordinary teens doing ordinary things . . .

. . . until the explosion of a silent tornado pulls all three into the swirling vortex of time, into the distant future and into the ruthless clutches of a Federation bent on controlling the world.

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David C Nelson (Salt Lake City, UT, US) -

This review is from: Timesnatched: Pole Star (Volume 1) (Paperback)

Clever and engaging well written book.
Fun and engaging story for teens and young adults.
Good, clean read.
Looking forward to the sequel to find out what happens next!

Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2017
Verified Purchase
I love how this book pulls you in and keeps you on your alert for what's next!
The accuracy of the English accents and dialogs were refreshing and brought me back to when I lived there.
I'm looking forward to diving into the next book and finding out what happens to all the characters that I've grown to love.
Highly recommend this book to young readers as its getting more and more difficult to find high quality, clean reading material. This book won't disappoint.

From Timesnatched:Southern Cross--

     "Four . . . three . . . two . . ." The time jump is suddenly aborted--Jack Flint gasps as his plans disappear into thin air. Nicolas Wycliffe, teen inventor, dashes to find more chronomium to fix the mess the Timesnatcher has created. Annabelle Dibble runs along a Norwegian trail,  trying to forget her disappointments.

     Meanwhile, Commander Two discovers Federation planes heading toward Pole Star. Their mission: Destroy the Coalition of Liberty.

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Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2016
Jack and Annie are just regular teenagers, Jack in the US and Annie in Britain. But a mysterious man in a blue coat snatches them to a future where a benevolent dictatorship claims to have cured all the ills of the world. The only price is freedom.

Jack and Annie are rescued by resistance fighters and learn that their future selves are essential to the resistance. General Graff, who had them kidnapped is snatching the younger versions of any who threaten the Federation.

The first task the young people have is to rescue their older selves from a bomb. We get to watch the characters grow and stretch in their new roles, and struggle with what it means if they don’t get back to their time to become who they are supposed to be.

There is everything you could want in an adventure story. The teens struggle to fill the shoes of their older selves and deal with a situation in a world changed drastically from what they knew. This is an enjoyable romp, and I will look forward to the next in the series.


Amazon Customer "proud book nerd!"

This review is from: Timesnatched: Pole Star (Kindle Edition)

I didn't know what to expect when got this book, I purchased it on a whim without knowing what it was about. I'm glad I did, it was an enjoyable read. I didn't ever feel like the author was pushing me along or forcing the story. It flowed very naturally and more importantly, captured my imagination quickly. I don't want to give away any plot details but I was intrigued by B.D. Boyle's concept of the future and of time travel. There are lots of time travel books out there, but she's put an interesting spin on it. My favorite character is Eli, there's a mystery about who he is, where he's from and what he can really do. And I really want those answers! I didn't know that this was the first in a (to-be) series so I was caught off guard by the cliff-hanger at the end but I'm excited to see where B.D. Boyle is going to take this story in the next installment. She's definitely piqued my interest!